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Wiki purpose

This wiki contains general information, useful for people somewhat familiar with cryptocurrencies who want to become better informed about the Byteball platform. It is not a place for professionals to ensure their obscure speciality is properly explained.

The Byteball brand

In the cryptocurrency field, Byteball functions as a brand name, as do Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Dash and all the 500+ others. The space is becoming increasingly commoditized, and as Bitcoin loses its dominance a crypto brand needs a unique selling point in order to stand out from the crowd. The Byteball USP at this point in time is its conditional-payments feature. No single crypto brand is going to be all things to all people, for buying a coffee, buying a house, immigrant workers sending money back home weekly, a store of value just in case, a simple contract, a complex contract, validating real estate ownership, and lots more. A crypto must select its best niche market and concentrate on that.
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Byteball features

Bind 400• The killer feature is the Smart/Conditional Payment. You set a condition for how the payee receives the money. If the condition is not met, you get your money back. This substitutes for trust between strangers because neither is able to scam the other. This smart-contract feature has many real-world peer-to-peer applications, including:

  • no-fee crypto exchanges
  • sports betting
  • selling or buying insurance concerning negative events like a flight delay.

Textcoin. One can send Bytes (Byteball funds) by email, even if the recipient is not in Byteball yet. The sender just writes an email address where he would normally write a Byteball address. When he hits "Send", his email app is opened with pre-filled text for the recipient. The sender can edit it before sending. The recipient receives an email with a link. Example:

Here is your link to receive 0.001 GB:

Private payments can be made using blackbytes, a cash-like untraceable currency. Its transactions are not visible on the public database that shows all payments made with (white)bytes. Blackbytes are sent peer-to-peer instead in an encrypted chat session.

Chatbots are fun and faciliate real-world transactions, including shopping with a merchant and paying with two clicks.

• There are the usual features like transactions cryptographically linked to each other in a decentralized, immutable (unchangeable), blockexplorer-like record; irrevocable, unstoppable payments with no third-party involved; storing savings untouchably outside the system; multi-signature security; yada yada yada. Tiny transaction fees though. Oh yes, no blockchain or miners.

Most-read articles

Airdrop: distribution information
Change address: why your btc or bytes address may show 0
Wallet: wallet details, menu items, etc
Trading blackbytes: where and how to buy/sell blackbytes
Glossary: common terms, with links to more information

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